Mixed nuts with rosemary, sugar and smoked paprika 4
Roasted green olives with garlic and chilli 4
Nielson road sourdough cob with butter 4
Yellow tail mullet, white gazpacho, pumpernickel 3
Globe artichokes, bacon 3
Pork, apple, skin 3



Camden Haven (NSW) 3.5 ea
Merimbula (NSW) 3.5 ea
Cape Hawk (NSW) 3.5 ea


Golden Little Swamport (TAS) 4 ea
Kumoto (SA) 4.5 ea
Wood Island (TAS) 4 ea


Smoked octopus, black garlic, heirloom tomato, cucumber dressing and baby rocket 22
Albacore tartare, lime curd, starfuit, cucumber and ponzu 24
Crispy chicken wing, ceviche of moreton bay bug and sweet corn 26
Zucchini flowers, milk curd, asparagus, rainbow chard and black olive 18
Pigs head terrine, toffee apple, walnut and fermented red cabbage 22


Braised tamarind short rib, roast tri tip, eggplant, nashi pear and coriander 36
Black cobia, shitake mushroom, pickled mushrooms, onion rings, bacon vinaigrette and watercress 34
Lamb rump, green olive, baby gem lettuce, charred pearl onion, pea and seaweed crisps 34
Roasted cauliflower, broccoli, pulses, pomegranate, chimichurri and celery leaf 28
Brook trout, smoked eel, shaved beetroot and fermented beetroot dressing 32


Green beans, garlic, oregano and lemon 7
New potato, beef fat, capers and chervil 7
Baby gem, cabbage, cacio di bosco and macadamia 7
Mixed leaf salad, olive oil and lemon 6


Angel cake, strawberry, peppermint jelly and ginger sherbet sorbet 15
Coconut parfait, burnt pineapple, lychee rice paper and coriander 15
Smoked caramel custard, dehydrated chocolate and passionfruit curd 15
Dark chocolate mousse, cherry sorbet, fresh cherry and dried cherry 15


A few of our favourite things 70 p/p
A few more of our favourite things 85 p/p